A knot of a hundred to untie

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A thousand years have passed since a rogue spaceship crash landed on a virgin planet, almost altering the course of humanity's progress to infinity. The ship was old, not fully manufactured or covered, and landed on a land covered in a strange glowing substance. In the crash, hundreds died, and the ship ended up crashing not too far from a mountain range, buried in a strange soil. The queen, the only survivor of the crash, was buried in the ship, guarded by her most loyal subjects.

The planet was ripe for the taking. It was brimming with life, ready to be molded into something better than what it was before. However, the planet was not the only thing mature for the taking. The queen held an unspeakable power. It was said that her soul was capable of bringing order to the chaos permeating the depths of the planet, and it gave her purpose, making her want to dominate all other forms of life. She began her work immediately. She bombarded the plants and animals on the planet with a gift. A gift of a stronger genome, a gift of a differentiating genome, a gift a genomes that will not feel pain or sadness, a gift of a gift.

All who came to the planet struggled with the gift, it was a curse. After generations, no creature or plant was able to escape the gift. They were all frozen in time, reenacting the worst moments of their lives day after day, unable to cry out for help.

Except for one. From the far north to the farther south, the glowing soil only reached the north. A huge case of severe suicides began in the north when they grew to beyond their tiny minds. Some grew murderous, others grew sociopathic, wanting to kill everyone around them, without a care about how they die, a tireless thirst for a better life.

In the south, a similar thing happened. Animals barricaded themselves away from people, their DNA was changed, but each had a sixth stitch in their DNA inexplicably creeping out. In some species, their bodies started to glow. In others, their bodies were corrupt at the core. In others, they grew mental disabilities that grew from being made of a non-life-form.

As this was happening, the queen continued her work, rejecting any criticism. She continued practicing her dark power to make her humanity stronger.

Everyone who lived in the north was lost to the whole. There were no survivors. The animals in the south were able to send out a distress call, and the people who lived in the south abandoned their homes to go help, but all were lost to the creations in the south.

The queen in her underground ship began to stir, wanting to see what had become of her world. She reached out her posse of the dead to bring her to the surface.

A trail blazed across the planet, reaching out for life. The trail destroyed everything it touched. It killed all living things, the north and the south, men, animals, trees, grass, and even the creatures she created. The life on Earth was annihilated.

The queen was about to reach the surface when a man with a blood-red cloak appeared before her. He used a special power to silence all living things to protect them from the queen's power.

In silence, the queen used her power to bring her creation to life, but it failed. Her powers had reached their limit. She knew her time was slim, and threw herself at the man who stopped time, and tried to hurt him, but the man froze her in time, and threw her in a shadow world.