Do You Even Game? - Issue #15

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A Curation Roundup of Gaming Content From Across the Hive Chain.

Issue #15

🎮 This issue featuring: @lynds | @joepate47 | @bittrio | @thranax | @holoz0r | @splinterlore | @dcitygame | @vlemon

As always this post is packed full of Gaming News, Gaming Reviews, and Game Play. Show these content creators some love!



@vlemon | Amazon dives deeper into video games, launches first big-budget title Crucible

Amazon took a big step this week, with the launch of Crucible, a free to play online shooter game. This is their first original big budget game.

@dcitygame | dCity Update: 17,000 HIVE Bought for the Rewards Pool + Tutorial Contest Results

Yesterday after the fork we finally did our final move from steem to hive. Sold 21326 STEEM and bought 17066 HIVE.

@splinterlore | Prince Julian - Splinterlands Character Profile

Patty-cake and Peek-a-boo, are games for childish fools; PJ's favorite games are those, Where he makes up the rules.


@holoz0r | holoz0r's A-Z of Steam: Duke Nukem 3D - Played for the first time, in 2020 - what's it like today?

In the year 1996, I got my first PC. I did not know about Duke Nukem 3D - I was too young for the likes of controversy. Duke Nukem 3D wasn't something I saw on local computer game store shelves, either.

@thranax | The most influential video game in history

Who has never played Coconut Eater? Pac-Man, its original name, is already one of the classics of video game history. May 22 marks the 40th anniversary of its official launch in 1980.





@joepate47 | Silent Joe Plays Hitman Absolution - Ep 27

I play Hitman Absolution, where I try to protect a young girl from having the same fate as 47. I also play on Purist difficulty, the hardest difficulty. In this video, I kill Blake Dexter.

@lynds | Searching for a Nether Fortress in Minecraft Hardcore Mode!

This is my very first time editing my own video!! I didn't want to put you guys through 45 minutes of me swearing, fretting and almost dying looking for this sonofabitch Fortress.


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