Are AAA companies dead?

in #gaming10 days ago

Photo by EA Games

After the release of the GTA Trilogy Remastered and BF 2042 we can ask something really simple: Are AAA companies dead? Do they not care anymore about players and only care about that sweet cash? How much time left till gamers won't take it anymore?

BF 2042 is a rushed, bug fest of a game, that DICE would have probably released it when it was ready if it wasn't for EA that 100% rushed the release to get the money faster. Is this what the AAA scene will be for the rest of our lives? Release now, fix later? Do we want that? I for one, don't. Even Crab Game, a game made by only one man has less bugs than this rushed shit.

Why did Rockstar use Groove Street Games (an independent company) to do the GTA Trilogy Remaster, after what pieces of crap games they released on Android and iOS?


Yay! 🤗
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