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With Yu-Gi-Oh's Time Wizard Format generating a lot buzz, let's look back at some of the most power and potential unbalanced, Tier 0 Formats.

While the The Duelist Genesis's Tele-DAD format is revered as one of the best decks in Yu-Gi-Oh!, it's predecessor, Dark Armed Return was a true monster and boogeyman of the Phantom Darkness Set.

Dark Armed Return revolved around explosive draw power with Allure of Darkness, Destiny Draw, and Machine Duplication-Cyber Valley which facilitated it's power card, Dimension Fusion bringing back banished monsters like Dark Magician of Chaos which allowed this deck to recycle the Dimension Fusion. It's marquise card Dark Armed Dragon cleared the backrow machine gunning down while fueling those future Dimension Fusion and Return from the Different Dimension plays.