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I upvoted this all by myself

Perhaps an interesting connection...

Lance. We hear you. I just wish spam was not your method of communication.

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I am curious to know what ideas you were exploring or projects you were working on before your perceived V2K attack started. Do you remember? Because that seems potentially far more important than this tangent you have been led or have led yourself on.

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because you're annoying! seriously...what do you want? Not everyone lives in a place that live by your mad social views. Just annoy someone who's willing to listen actually. Do you seriously think you are not wasting time with some people? Really. You're just a sick lunatic to me. I don't give a damn about who you are, what do you want, the place where you live. all the topics you talk about. I don't give a fuck. I'm from a place where people like you is famous for being nothing more than a cartoon character. Nobody gives a DAMN about the pile of turd you go around venting. You're the mentally backward ones. Bet you can't neither use a map of the world. You're just making yourself more and more ridicoulous. Go see a doctor, go kill yourself. Go fuck a goat. I don't give a fuck. If you really then feel "accomplished" by spamming in EVERY SINGLE POST AND COMMENT. Go ahead. Is seriously more productive watching a washing machine spinning. Because if you think you're moving SOMETHING. Dude, you seriously need to get out of the barn or the basement. The world doesn't give a shit.

Nah. EVERYONE minds it. No one likes your spam. Hilarious you went from having a rep here and blew it being a troll.