Happy Birthday to Sprout 🦜 1 Year old today πŸŽ‚

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We have a birthday today oops sorry a Hatcday Sprout is 1 today.That year has flown over. My daughter bought Sprout a year ago, she was only a baby when we got her but she took to Nicola straight away, Sprout has been training Nichola ever sine she got here, Nichola does what keeps Sprout happy, Sprout rules the roost as they say.

Nichola has bought Sprout lots of treats and toys to play with. She has her own treats but seems to be more interested in Nichola's food.

Her favourite food is egg covered millet, this comes is a big ring that hangs in her cage, the bits come away and land on the base of her cage.

She is very happy:

Nichola had to lay some of her food out for Sprout to make sure she was eating the right stuff, don't want her to be ill.

We sang Happy Birthday to her when it was time for her to come and play, she tweeted whilst we sang so think she liked it. She's loving her treats and new toys to play with.

We have to keep our pets happy.

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Happy Hatchday, Sprout! Such a beautiful baby ❀️

Sprout says Thank you πŸ’ž