Days of Fantasy - Chapter Ten

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                                   Chapter Ten

Hey, it’s me Rudlin. I’m finally back! Anyways, we all turned around when someone yelled, “Hands up or I’ll shoot!” I realized it was one of my other friends from Avalon.
“How did you get here Mike?” I asked.
“Well I was a spy for Avalon,” he explained smiling. “But we should get out of here while we can,”
“Mike is right, let’s go!” I exclaimed. We started to go but I realized that Rex was not coming.
“Come on Rex, come with us,” I said. He thought for a moment, then he looked back at the castle.
“OK I’ll come with you,” he said.
“Great, let’s go,” I said and we started back toward Avalon. As we ran, there was a lot of shooting in our direction. I, of course, couldn’t make it very far because of my back and my face.
“Come on Rudlin!” Cloud said.
“I am in pain!” I cried. Cloud rolled his eyes and got Mike to help him carry me. We finally escaped and got to the closest town. The news apparently hadn’t spread as fast as I thought, and, because of that, things weren’t crazy. We stayed the night and continued the next day to Avalon.

It took about three days to walk there because some of us were hurt, but we finally made it. By that time news had traveled far and wide of Morcant’s death. So when we entered the city, there was lots of cheering and partying.
Someone noticed us and said; “These must be the people that ended Morcant and the war!” Everyone turned around, saw us, and started to cheer even louder.
“This is crazy, let’s get out of here!” I said over the noise, but we didn’t get a chance to escape because they grabbed us and lifted us to their shoulders. They took us to the castle. One of them went in and a moment later the king came out on his balcony. Everyone was quiet.
“Are you the ones that defeated Morcant?” he demanded.
“Yes sir, that was us,” I replied.
“Then let the celebration begin!” he said. Everyone cheered (except me and my friends). Then we were taken inside the castle and there were huge tables that could hold hundreds. We sat at the head of the biggest table and the food was brought out. Maybe this isn’t so bad I thought. We ate and ate until we were stuffed. Then being tired I fell asleep right on the table.

I woke up on a soft bed feeling rested. Then that doctor came in and smiled like he did last time. I groaned.
“No. You are not sticking me with one of those poison needles,” I said firmly.
“Alright I won’t give you any vaccines if that is the way you feel about it,” he said. I relaxed a little and noticed that this time I did have my sword and gear next to me.
“How is your back feeling?” he asked.
“Better than it was,” I said.
“That is good to hear,” he said. “And your face?”
“That never really hurt that much,” I said.
“It should leave a scar, but, other than that, it should be fine,” he agreed.
“How are the others doing?” I asked.
“Other than the girl, they were all fine,” he said.
“What happened to Averna?” I asked.
“Averna is the girl, right?” he asked. I nodded. “Well nothing much, just a broken arm.” I wondered why she hadn’t said anything about it when we were coming here.
“Well I should go and let you rest. You have a speech to give tomorrow,” he said, as he went out the door. I filled with dread, me give a speech? Then I collapsed on the pillow and fell asleep.

-Point of view change to: Averna-

Doctor Shank just checked on me and said I was well enough to go home. I got up and left, but I paused at Rudlin’s door. I opened it and looked in. He was asleep and seemed to be fine, except for the cut on his face and I knew his back was hurt. I sighed. Don’t tell him, but I love him very much. He is so nice, strong and other things, but, anyways, I left the castle and started toward my house. Finally, home, I thought. Home sweet home. I opened the door, and, going in, went into my room and collapsed on the bed.

I was woken up by someone shaking me.
“Wake up Averna,” Cloud said.
“Why?” I asked.
“Because it is time for the speech,” he said. I jumped out of bed.
“I will be there soon,” I said.
“OK, we’ll be waiting outside,” he said, rushing out the door. I got some nice clothes on and headed outside. Cloud, Ector and Rex were standing there and talking about what to say.
“Come on Averna, we’re going to be late,” Cloud said.
“Ready, now let’s go,” I said. We hailed a taxi and got in.
“To the square,” Cloud said. The driver nodded and started to drive.
“What are you going to say?” Cloud asked me.
“I am going to say that I didn’t do anything. It was all you guys,” I said. “What about you?”
“I am going to say that there is still much to fear because Sethdore is still out there,” he said.
“Who is Sethdore?” I asked.
“He is a legend,” Ector said. Cloud glared at him.
“No, he is actually an evil villain trying to take over the whole world by destroying most of the countries,” Cloud explained.
“Oh… Well I wonder what Rudlin will say,” I said.
“Probably something like ‘Don’t worry, we will stop him’” Cloud said.
“Yeah probably,” I said. “What are you going to say Rex?”
“I don’t know,” he said putting his head in his hands. “I haven’t even been here before.”
“That’s OK. Just say something like, ‘It was risky but we did it and we will be here to help when trouble starts,’” I said.
“OK, I’ll try something like that,” he said. Then we pulled up to the castle.

-Point of view change to: Rudlin-

I was brought out in a wheelchair and saw the huge crowd. I didn’t know why we were being treated like royalty. “I can walk by myself,” I told them, but they insisted that I use a wheelchair, so I did. Just then a taxi pulled up and Cloud, Ector, Averna, and Rex got out. I motioned for them to come up to the stage. They climbed the stairs with lots of cheering.
“These are the champions that defeated Morcant and ended the war!” the announcer shouted. All the people cheered and clapped.
“They will now each give a speech!” he shouted. Then there was more cheering and clapping. Ector stepped up to the microphone and motioned for silence.
“It was nothing big,” he said modestly, “We were just helping out our country.” Cheering and clapping, “Thank you for your support,” he said, stepping back and Averna took his place.
“It was all these guys right here that did all the work,” she said gesturing toward us. “So I will give it over to one of them to explain the rest,” she said, as Rex took her place.
“It was risky,” he said, “But we did it, and we will help you if trouble ever starts again,” more cheering and clapping. Cloud was next.
“I know it seems like we won, but this was only the beginning,” he said. Everyone looked puzzled. “Sethdore, the real threat is still out there,” he paused, “And he will stop at nothing to rule the whole world.” Everyone gasped. “But we will stop him before he does.” He stepped back to lots of cheering. I finally stepped, I mean rolled, up to the microphone.
“He is right,” I said, “We will stop Sethdore from completing this mission and we will protect you.” Lots of cheering and clapping. And that is how the real journey began.
To Be Continued… (In book two)


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