Just Another Day In The Crypto Space! Thank You @ganjafarmer

in #ecency2 months ago

Well, not much has changed and my goal to engage and make my crypto experience worthwhile has worked. I got a message from @ganjafarmer giving me the rundown on what my priorities should be. My main goal at this point as I move on would be to find a community that I can thoroughly engage in and get more looks and likes on my posts.

I'm thinking as I am a Christian and I do follow the word of God, to find a community (mainly religious) and start communicating with people who have the same interest.

I did some poking around yesterday and found others talking about the good faith but didn't find a particular group but I know one is out there in this Hive ecosystem. But there's only so much you can do right (as I'm not a robot).

One thing I don't want is backlash from the Hive community as I'm aware people have their own views on Christianity.

But I think we walk the same path but with different shoes. I think we are all susceptible to wrong and right but we all have this stage where we're enlightened and a switch goes off into whatever niche we can possibly resonate with.

Hey maybe writing about Christianity would be OK but I have so many ideas that fill my mind as to where I should take my blogging and content. Internet marketing is something I've followed for a long time and maybe I can branch out with that niche.

Or maybe it's right here talking about my daily life. Who knows I'll leave it up to the creative forces of the universe (or heavens as some would call it).

Anyways Hiveans, peace and thank you for reading. @contentisking


Hit me up I totally got a bunch of ideas where you could be yourself and reduce awesome content in communities.
You can be a part of groups that are cool and believe other things while still being yourself