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For those of my dear readers that are not familiar with EarthFirst! Journal this group of activists and rogues was founded in 1979 as an effort at no compromise defense of mother earth.

In the 40+ years it has existed it has taken many forms.

This is a reproduction of the latest.
All info is correct to the latest data I have.

We Need YOU To Help Us Get the EF! Journal Back on Track!


Dear Subscribers and Friends,

Wondering why you haven’t seen an Earth First! Journal since the Yule/Winter 2019-2020 issue?
We’d like to explain.

The editorial collective and hardworking volunteers at the Earth First! Journal and Newswire struggled with the challenges of 2020 that many of you did as well—the global pandemic, a drop in income, massive wildfires raging across the west, racial justice uprisings taking our attention out into the streets, and a multitude of other circumstances.
It also meant the EF!J Collective was unable to work together in the same room. As a result, the Journal has been on an unplanned hiatus.

But—we’re resilient; our movement is resilient.
And we are resurging.

Which is why we are coming to you today.
We’re pulling ourselves out of the ashes of 2020 more committed than ever to bringing you critical news from the frontlines of the struggles for the Earth.
We need your support urgently to do this.
Please send a donation today to help us bring the Journal and the Newswire back online.

Donate to the GoFundMe

We are getting Newswire posts out again, and we’re excited to get back to publishing the Journal and posting updates regularly.
We want to re-connect with you, and with others who discover Earth First! for the first time––who read the rousing stories of no-compromise eco-resistance around the globe, and are inspired to join the struggle with others of like mind and passion.

Earth First! is not an organization, it’s a movement.
And it’s been out there kicking butt for more than 40 years now.
Because we are a movement, the infrastructure that holds us together as a group, that allows us to organize gnarly actions and act effectively as a network, is made up of but a few threads, and we must keep them all strong.

There is no other movement quite like Earth First!, using direct action with a biocentric heart to defend the earth.
The Journal is key to its success, and we need your help to bring it back, bigger and better this time.

There’s a core of dedicated souls who are determined to be the fire under the resurrection of this unique media project, but we can’t do it without you.
Please support the Journal and Earth First! however you can.

Contribute via PayPal

You can also send a check if you prefer, made out to Earth First! Journal, to our new mailing address:

Earth First! Journal
PO Box 411892, Kansas City MO, 64141

Patches are back!

Some good news: our webstore is carrying patches again, along with all our subscriptions options!
We particularly need donations to support the hundreds of free subscriptions we send to prisoners.
Help us send the Journal to a prisoner today!
Also, our limited-edition Entangled Roots "No Compromise" patches are going fast, so get one while they last!

I have it on first hand confirmation that these magazines do reach into the people that society has written off.
It gives a message of good and hope in a place with a deficit of both.
If you can spare 5usd, it will go to good use.

We are so grateful for all the support we have gotten during this difficult period of transition.
Most of all, we need you to hang with us.
We all have to BE Earth First! or Earth First! won’t exist.
We can do this.

On behalf of the Earth First! Movement and the Earth First! Journal Collective—

Always, for the wild!

Sunflower, Dyno, KP and the rest of the crew

P.S. Please update your contact information here, particularly your mailing address and email.
You can always contact us via email at [email protected]
You can also send letters, artwork, books to review, applications for the Collective, zines and sister publications to either the PO Box or the email.

©2021 Earth First! Journal | PO Box 411892, Kansas City, MO 64141


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