DCity - My foray into the game, post #3. Experiences of a newcomer.

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I was suckered invited into dCity by @forykw a week or so ago. I'm not a gamey person and know nothing of the game, but I figured I'd try it and I'd try to chronicle the endeavor.

The Part 1 post and Part 2 is here.

I had a house, courtesy of forky and that was all.

Somehow I felt I needed jobs for my population of 4. I made my first buy after figuring it out...

After successfully getting a job center and seeing how to do that, I got a bit more stuff. I had/have no idea what I was doing, just picking things that I could afford. My general theory was to cast a wide net and get a variety of stuff. I don't know if that was best, but that's what I did. Plus, I liked the colors.

A few days passed. Nothing seemed to happen. I got some help on Discord the second attempt (thanks @KevinLi)...

And so things supposedly are starting to shape up better, maybe(?):

As a side note, I'm starting to think this is a little live-model in economics, which I kind of like.

Any other suggestions, I'm all ears. Listening and learning. :)

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Nice, just keep filling up your city with workers and you'll see your sim income grow :) once u no longer need to hire people, buy more income buildings!

You made a few decent choices there with your buys.
Well, Wind Turbine wasn't one in my book, but I still like the rest.
If your refuse to invest more, you can sell your Turbine and you should have enough SIM to get 2 Luxury Homes and a Worker. That gives you just enough people to turn on all your buildings so your income skyrockets (relatively).
The trouble is, your city will look exactly the same in a week. You have zero chance to turn the Education your School produces in a tech card. Your Job Center has noone to train. Your chance of having an outsider settle down in your town is very slim. Watching the same colours day in and day out won't be fun and you will run out of stuff to write about quite fast.

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Thank you for the advice, and the beer/wine tips! The wind turbine is up for sale. I had no idea what I was doing when I bought it. Basically, I was learning how the market works. My thinking was that it would produce something just by being there. (Got caught up in the green movement and all!) Thanks again.

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Nice! you are getting there.