The end of passwords

in #cybersecurity12 days ago

The use of passwords to secure company accounts and devices has a long tradition and decision-makers and private users have not questioned this practice too much for a number of years. However, some serious data scandals and leaks within the last few years have heightened companies' awareness of potential security risks as well as unnecessary costs. Since working from home is becoming increasingly popular and the use of cloud services will continue to increase, securing personal data is more important than ever. Just leave

At the same time, the interest of many citizens in the subject of data protection is increasing. The development towards passwordless authentication is the next step towards maximum data security and data protection while at the same time being as easy to use and implement as possible.

FIDO2 is a joint project of the FIDO alliance (“Fast IDentity Online”) and the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) and enables secure passwordless or multiple authentication. The standard promises to replace the practice of password use. It also has the potential to fundamentally change the way that individual users and companies operate on the Internet.

I'm looking forward to a password free future!