Joining the EC-Council International Advisory Board for CISOs

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EC-Council is a leader in providing training, sharing knowledge, and being a resource for cybersecurity professionals. 

I am excited to join the prestigious ranks of EC-Council’s International Advisory Board for CISOs. The board collaborates to share best practices, emerging challenges, and opportunities for CISOs to better protect their organizations in alignment with overall business goals. 

The Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is a challenging role. Nobody has it all figured out. Teamwork is needed across the industry to keep pace with evolving threats.  Leaders benefit from peer insights that are practical, timely, and efficient in helping a CISO proactively manage the cyber risks of their organization.

This quarter, the advisory board will focus on challenges faced by CISOs due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It is a timely topic that has far reaching ramifications to protecting corporate assets and facilitating remote workers. The EC-Council team will provide insights that will be collated into a free e-book.  

Come take a look at who is on the Advisory Board for Americas, Europe, and Asia/Pacific

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Congratulations! EC-Council has a great reputation in the cybersecurity community!

Thank you! I am really excited to be part of that advisory team with such great industry luminaries.