Hot Wallet Hacked, No Funds Lost Says the Exchange

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In a blow to its public image,, the most prominent digital bank in the Asia-Pacific region, was hacked, leaving some customers reporting losses between 2-5 ETH.


A small proportion of the customers had their accounts compromised. The company announced that no funds were compromised, but customers have taken to Twitter, claiming losses of ETH.

Ben Baller, a crypto enthusiast and entrepreneur, claims to have lost 4.25 ETH, the equivalent of $13,924 at the time of press. Baller insisted that he had enabled two-factor authentication, suggesting that the hack could have compromised the exchange’s security measures. After “some digging,” Baller discovered that within the space of six hours, 5,000 ETH had disappeared from an ETH wallet, which is equivalent to about $16M. Dogecoin co-founder, Billy Markus, noted “odd” activity on a Ethereum wallet. Multiple similar transfers of 2-5 ETH went to new wallets.

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