Top 50 Global Thought Leaders and Influencers on COVID-19 Business Impact

in coronavirus •  26 days ago 

Leadership requires dealing with ambiguous situations.  The ability to adapt to unforeseen crisis events is a crucial skill for cybersecurity and strategy professionals.  Nobody saw Covid-19 coming a year ago, yet as it has swept across the globe it has impacted the world economy, disrupted longstanding business operations, and affected the everyday behaviors of people across the globe.  Thought leadership is important and must be adaptable to short-term tactical maneuvering and strategic planning when major changes occur. 

Congratulations to everyone on this list for showcasing skills in the face of adversity and helping the world deal with this crisis.

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Congratulations on making the Top 50 list!

What about this...imagine that the COVID 19 Testing tools have a 99.9% accuracy. In the case that there is no Coronavirus anymore...these test results will still produce positive-false-cases especially when you do large scale testing.
So,at the end we will never get rid of the Coronavirus as long we are using these "corrupted" test systems.

Except, people with positive results will likely be tested more than once. False positives will be investigated and the accuracy will increase, either through better tests or making sure any positive is then retested.

Like anything else, a continual process-improvement methodology is applied. It happens in most fields.