Abundance.Tribe's BiWeekly Question Tie Up Post - "What Makes Someone A Conspiracy Theorist And Where Do You Believe That Term Originated From?"

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What Makes Someone A Conspiracy Theorist And Where Do You Believe That Term Originated From?

A question that is so relevant to the times we are living in now, as this term is being used so often at the moment. Indeed anyone that questions the general narrative, that seeks to understand what is happening behind this plandemic is deemed a Conspiracy Theorist.

A term that is has so much negative conantaions attached to it, if you are to believe what the media tells you. But where did it actually come from. To conspire means to arrange something together, to plot to do something. Even this word is usually seen as something negative. To conspire against another, to do them harm etc.

A theory is bascially the understanding of an phenomena , that is generally agreed to be plausible. So to put both of them together, it means when 2 or more people go against the general understanding of a phenomena. Bascially when they come up with their own understanding of something.

But it has been twisted to mean something far more derogative, people who are labelled Conspiracy Theorists are seen as paranoid and delusional by the general public. Very fitting for the controlling bodies, who do not want anyone shining a light on their activites.

Such an intersting question, that got some very interesting responses, which I encourage you to read and share your own thoughts if you feel compelled to.

We have so much to learn from one another. So it is important to provide opportunities, in which we can share our experiences and create better understanding as we move forward. This question provided just that.

We had 6 answers in total and in the spirit of Abundance one of those writers will receive 20% of the payout of this post (myself not included obviously). I assigned a number to each response and asked one of my daughters to pick a number. She choose number 1, which was for @thoughts-in-time response.


Early Usage of the Term Conspiracy Theory in America


Going back in time, a notably-historic usage of the term conspiracy theory, in these now united States, may harken back to the work of American industrialist turned historian called James Ford Rhodes. In Rhodes' work entitled 'History of the United States from the Compromise of 1850 Vol. III' the term conspiracy theory is used in chapter XIV on page 273.
In the table of contents, the section for chapter 14 is offered as a question to the reader. "Was the secession a conspiracy or a people's movement?" Upon advancing to that page in the book, the running head is entitled "The Conspiracy Theory." So as you can see, we're already getting a feel for the direction where the next several pages of the publication are heading.


Brief Reply to "What Makes Someone a Conspiracy Theorist and Where Do You Believe That Term Originated From?"



Though the phrase had been used or seen here and there in past decades, it was not until after JFK's passing that the term became common in the USA. In my opinion, it was pushed by the CIA as a derogatory term to make people afraid to think outside the box or to question the mainstream perspective. I could be missing something, but this seems like an obvious attempt to isolate and shut down critical thinkers that are aware that humans have conspired to control other humans since pretty much the start of humans. Why is it different now? Why is this phrase so often spoken with a condescending tone? To me, the people that use this tone are being disingenuous or simply have not studied history. Cheers to open-mindedness, respect, curiosity, and truth.


Conspiracy Theory



An event occurred, questions raised
This event is unexplainable, eyes and memory images constantly repeating, unbelievable
Whoever read, heard about it or saw it, they are not ready to believe it

So many panels took birth, to find the truth.
But there were individuals who tried to see this event from all the angles, tried to read from all the angles
They came to know about unbelievable things, unproven things
They collected this data and came up with a story, theoretical story
This story have a life, creator of this story filled this story with life.


What Makes Someone A Conspiracy Theorist And Where Do You Believe That Term Originated From? Abundance.Tribe's BiWeekly Question



Firstly I have to say that I personally don’t like labels, I find that they are generally used to belittle people and divide us. How anyone can be defined in one or in this case two words, is ridiculous to me as we are changing and growing all the time, we are constantly evolving.
So to try define someone like this is so unrealistic and very limiting. It is the same as trying to fit people into boxes to Define who they are. We are all so wonderfully diverse on any given day. We have many different interests and sides to us, and we can become a different person depending on the situation, so yes, I do not like this idea labelling people.
It’s not really our place to try and understand others, it’s our place to understand ourselves and just accept others for who they are, that’s how I feel anyhow.


What makes one a Conspiracy Theorist And Where do you believe that term originated from? AbundanceTribe QOTW



Everyone on this planet is born curious, inquisitive & knowledge-seeking since birth (I would say they are attributes of our soul), but because of the way our world is shaped & structured, those qualities are suppressed in us, often at a very early age, from where the whole conditioning begins.
The concept & belief in Authority is deeply entrenched in people’s subconscious. Parents, family, teachers, elders often want to impose their worldviews, beliefs & programming (most often religious) on their children, & children are taught that not listening to their elders or those in Authority is immoral.
We can understand this dynamic outside the family unit as well, by looking at the attitude tyrannical leaders have towards this.




New born comes in this world with the art of weeping. He/she weeps and make surroundings people happy. He/She ends his life by become silent and in the surroundings people weep. This is the little story of human life. Although humans know the reality but still want to achieve more power. Power which help them to rule over the world. Power which help them to maintain their high ego in society. Attaining power, resources is in human instinct.In this world nothing can be achieved without influence.


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In 2010 I declared that I'm proud to be a conspiracy theorist:

As am I x

Great perspectives on current insanity! I feel "getting our own shit together" is a necessary primer, but the next necessary step on a evolutionary scale is to learn from each other. The finer, benevolent, and nonjudgmental discernment between us has more value in the long run when we can grow from our differences and ultimately understand we are one organism interconnected as a result of the experience. Dove and I are looking forward to chiming in the biweekly question. Please check out our new blog @nomadbuslife. I think we might have a lot in common. Enjoy peace,

thank you for your comment and yes we need to learn from one another in order to move forward x

Sorry to miss this one.

that's okay, maybe you can get involved in the next one x xxx

Wow, thank you, @trucklife-family!

you are very welcome @thoughts-in-time x

@abundance.tribe, Thank you so much for your kind mention team. This kind of Recognition is boosting aspect.

Have a blessed time ahead team.

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