Update on Fundraiser for Snoopy's Dental Surgery

in charity •  11 days ago 


I wanted to thank the two anonymous donates that came in this morning for my Friend's crowdfund, trying to help raise money for his dog's much-needed surgery. Help out if you can, even just sharing this around helps! I know that we're all appreciative of anything you can do!

This isn't something I would normally post, but a friend of mine needs help. If you can help out, or even just spread the word he would appreciate it and maybe be able to take care of his sick dog that much more quickly!

Snoopy is in need of major dental surgery and is in a great deal of pain. Born in 2015, Snoopy is an expert cuddler and a veteran of the Maine Feline War of 2018. He enjoys snacks and the occasional swim. Any help would be greatly appreciated and if the goal is met or exceeded, any excess funds will be donated to the local no-kill shelter. Updates will be posted regularly as this goes on. Thank you!

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