The Scottish Fold, Leo.

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Today is an introduction post... However, not for me! But for my cat!

This little asshole handsome cat is Leo. A 2-year-old Scottish Fold that I adopted last year. His previous parents had a baby who was apparently diagnosed with cat allergy so they wanted to give the cat away, jumping at the chance, as a person who never had a pet before. I ended up adopting Leo.

He is... a pain in the butt a loving cute, furball that loves attention. He eats like a maniac, he sleeps almost 20 hours a day... Though the 4 hours he's awake in a 24-hour timespan, he absolutely loves jumping around and destroying things, fun fact, it always happens in the middle of the night. Though I must admit, there are times where he loves snuggling. He just comes up to me and starts hugging my leg and wants to be pet.

Who knows, maybe I'll create a Hive account for Leo later down the road, sharing pictures of him every day! (@cadawg would probably love this idea)

Selling Leo's feet paw pics, 5 HIVE each.

Look at this smug face

Thank you for reading through the post.

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Bring him home 😂


Need to sell about 10 million HIVE worth of feet paw pics to Scotland first. See if they really want Leo.


When will deathwing write react?

How about you give Taylor her cat back?!?


You think the XRP army is a pain in the behind?? Wait until I let the Swifties loose on you!

I survived BTS stans. Swifties are nothing.


(@cadawg would probably love this idea)

You spelled my name wrong.

And you mentioned me. How disrespectful!

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Right, you're writing react from now on!