More Local Small Business Resistance to Mandatory Mask Tyranny

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I’m seeing more and more small businesses around here that are using their notices of the executive order mandating masks as a way of resistance. This one is from a local thrift store, with verbiage I had seen circulating the net, so I know a number of folk around the country are using this method to resist the unconstitutional executive mask mandates.

“Those in our government have ordered all persons entering indoor facilities to wear a mask,” the notice reads. “If you have a medical are exempt from this order. Due to Hippa and the 4th Amendment, we can not ask you about your medical condition. Therefore, if we see you without a mask, we will assume you have a medical condition and welcome you inside to support our business,” it declares.

In other words, we don’t agree with this tyranny, and therefore we will not enforce it against those in our community on behalf of the Governor. If only more would take this stand, it would nullify the tyranny altogether, and maybe our communities could get back to normal that much quicker. Here’s similar sign I photographed last month, on the entrance to a pawn shop:


Many other small businesses have such signs, and some business owners and employees themselves are not wearing masks in their business. Over all, the majority of people still seem to be compliant, however, and yet the minority who are resisting seems to be slowly growing, and no longer being hassled like when the order was first implemented. The population is realizing there are people who are simply not going to comply, and it is not worth their time and energy chasing out their customers to enforce an edict they themselves do not support. Harassment and hassling of those refusing to comply seems to have dwindled, if not vanished entirely, even though the non compliant are still in a minority.

Most businesses around here did not mandate masks before the executive order, and a good 50% or more of the population were not wearing masks regularly before the order, so it is clearly not the will of a large majority of the people, if it is even the will of the majority at all around here.

In Florida, I am told by my brother who just moved there, that there are no mask mandates, and the vast majority of people act like normal humans, not living in perpetual fear. I was told today by a woman who’s relative just drove through Utah that literally nobody in Salt Lake City was wearing a mask. This is despite a countywide mask mandate extended to the end of the calendar year. Earlier this year when I was in small towns in central Utah, most people were ignoring the statewide executive order-instituted mask mandate. I should be there again soon, and will report on what I see... It certainly does seem that the Covid cool-aid is beginning to wear off for a number of people, who realize the only thing standing between them and life back to normal is fear-induced media perception.

One thing that seems clear, is that in places where the people do not comply, and refuse to enforce the tyranny, freedom prevails, at least for those exercising their freedom. Where the people willingly give up their freedom and enforce the tyranny of the state, the tyranny prevails. When enough people resist, businesses will refuse to enforce such mandates, because it will cost them too much business.

Resistance is vital, for the next stage of tyranny on the Covid1984 agenda which looks to be mandatory vaccination and digital ‘passport’ rollout. If the businesses are shown they are not able to enforce mask mandates now, and many refuse, it will be that much difficult for those in power to enforce mandatory vaccines in this way. #MaskOff

Interesting times indeed, but good to see a number of people still care enough about freedom to do something about it in the face of this global tyranny. Such popular resistance is the only thing standing between the NWO and the global totalitarian Covid1984 future they have planned for us.



More and more of us are waking up, but in response the manda-maskers are digging in their heels. Irrationality abounds. It's certainly interesting times. I used to wish I'd lived in extraordinary times, and here they are.