DnD campaign and stickers

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Hi, guys!

It's Friday, which means it's DnD night (yep-yep, it will be amazing, really great TPK. We're all gonna die, who didn't made up backup character it's me:). Kidding:) I hope we're not gonna die, but still I see that our campaign comes to a final point, and I feel really sad about it. Some people love to change their characters all the time, but I like different approach. Playing with one character for several years is calming and comforting for me.

I don't even know if I'll ever get tired of my character, my elf Demian I'm playing at the moment. I missed my previous one, Rolan, really long, and I even needed a couple of sessions with psychologist to let him go.

By the way at some moment I understood that every DnD session is a great material for a psychologist, especially if we're talking about a long campaign. The way people develop their characters, the way they behave - it's always some hidden feelings and thoughts that they can work with in games, even if they deny it. And it's really so for me. With my previous character, Rolan, I learned to accept my weaknesses. He was a lot based on Raistlin, so he also had lots of issues, and it was a great lesson of reconciliation with myself.

My Demian is different, but still dark one, dark wizard. If Rolan was a necromancer, Demian denies it all the time, but deep inside he's a necromancer as well. Technically he's a wizard of protection school, but half of his spells are from necromancy category.

Anyway, I already feel that it will be really traumatic to start a new campaign again. Only one good thing I see in it - the scenery for my comic book will be finished, cause the story itself will be finished.

By the way, talking about comic books. One of my favorite authors, Octane, had recently printed a set of stickers based on her comic books. Of course I immediately bought a pack, and it's really awesome:


I hope one day I will be able to create a sticker pack based on my own comic book as well.

The last, but not the least:) I just want to show you a photo of sweet dog, who climbed into a basket with freshly washed and dried linen and just wouldn't get out, no matter how much I ask her:)


See you in the next post!
Love, Inber


Hey Inber, glad you're ok. It's refreshing to see your art and your talent overflowed on a piece of paper. Wish you stay in a peaceful state of mind and creating more of extraordinary stuff!

Have a great day and take care of yourself :)

Thank you so much:)