Maintaining Composure In Times of Economic Uncertainty

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In America, if you have eyes to see, there are two distinctly different pandemics spreading throughout our population. The virus almost seems to expose fragility and flaws in all of our traditional socioeconomic systems. As it spreads, it affects those on the bottom of the proverbial totem pole of society orders of magnitude more so than those in all the classes above.

Of course the media would have you believe it is a racial thing, because they use concepts like that to trigger unproductive conversation, and maintain the division between the people that has been weaponized to preserve this status quo.. but it only discriminates by where you are financially.

If you can stomach the truth, I will tell you.
We are all being conditioned to play our part in their agenda.
It has been this way for ages.
But all this chaos is a positive omen, not a negative one.
The powers that be have disturbed the balance that will be kept.
We are all waking up, and they are losing this control over us.

We have allies as well. A friend gave us bitcoin. Gave us our power back.

For AGES money has been a cruel tool weaponized against the lower echelons of society, Our forefathers knew the dangers of central banks when the constitution was written, yet knowledge disappears through generations. This knowledge of money is intentionally withheld from people. Wall street and the myriad of lobbyists that benefit have all but removed any important teachings of value, value transfer, wealth generation, etc..

They keep the interest to themselves while we work for an ever decreasing share of the "American Dream", now limited only to a dream.


Bitcoin is here. It was made by someone who knew well the dangers of paper money backed by nothing. It requires that you trust NO ONE. It is on the cusp of making a new class in society, and will leave many behind, as there are only 21 million to ever be.

But you're here. You're early.

I encourage any of you who haven't done so to do your research. See for yourself that bitcoin is the BEST performing asset of any class. If you need any information, ask me. Ask anyone. Do not let this one pass you by!

Bitcoin was literally invented after seeing them print money in the 2008 crisis. It was born out of this mess and can help us in our fight for our own fiscal freedom. Make your money work for you. We don't have to work our lives away if we don't want.

I am getting through all this by securing by positions, and preparing. But also, I decided to finally get that studio i always wanted and I am making music finally. I LOVE IT. If you guys want to hear what i been making let me know!

Got Time To Practice!

Much LOVE. I hope you all are well in this tough time. See you next time Hivers,


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