Need a blueprint of what is happening?

in #anarchy7 months ago

I like to think that what is happening now has been recurring through out history over and over as the control freaks and freedom lovers vie over control of either themselves, or everybody else.

Jack London saw all this play out.

He wrote a book about it.

Here is a synopsis.



Through the history We have, there is one tool and one tool only that They (the psychopaths in control) have to devise things like We see now (the plannedemic and the propaganda):  money.  And money is now archaic.  We use money to account for Our energy added into the system that accounts for it, and free energy makes accounting for energy pointless.

But They (the psychopaths in control) hide free energy technologies.  Yet I know We have such tech in black projects.  This is My video about what I know:

Electrogravitics: Gravity Control & Energy from the Aether: