Freedom Tuesday #61!

in #anarchy8 months ago

Well, here we are once again having to listen to me lament our collective enslavement by the larger crapitalust paradigm.


I will be just as glad as you, dear supporter, to stop with these incessant reminders that all is not copacetic in this the only utopia we are getting.

Every day those that work make available all the supplies of goods that make the world go round.

Some of them do that for slave wages, some get to keep half the market value of their work, none get to keep it all.
Nobody escapes the bankster's tax man, except the bankster class.
Too big to jail.
This is what you support when you meakly continue to play in the crapitalust's paradigm.

Even if you work in your own business, do your corporate competitors charge more than what you could get as a sole proprietor?
I know that is how it is in appliance repair.
The corporate folks charge 100usd just to show up.
Good luck getting out of car mechainic's shop for less than 1/2 what the dealer charges.

They tell me this is a feature of crapitalism, but I just have to laugh at the ignorance of that statement.

Read a book, eh?

Look around, this is where crapitalism leads, it can do nothing else.
This is the intended design.
If it wasn't the rich people would change it to suit them better.

All laws favor the rich.