Freedom Tuesday #59!

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Well, here it is Tuesday, again.
Still we, you and I, dear supporter, have not seized upon the opportunity to turn the distribution system that is wallyworld, costsso, and low depot to our own advantage.


The workers concerned with these systems can, on any given Tuesday, decide to continue to fill the shelves, and you know what?, life would go on as if nothing had changed, except what changes is now the worker is supreme and the crapitalust no longer rules the roost with their thugly enforcement agents.

Once the workers are relatively convinced that having done all the work, agreeing to buy that work back from somebody that did none of the work is just silly bs that makes slaves of them, it is a short leap to pointing fingers and laughing at the cruelers that yesterday lorded their powers over us all.

I mean, honestly, why do the shareholders get more of the money than the people doing the actual work?

Well, because taxes and bribes for gov't contracts, of course.

The more you embrace the boomer ethic, the more you can expect to be enslaved.
They, after all, love them some gov't bennies.

It's not really their fault.
They were sold a bill of goods that their parents had bought into, too.

'Just go along to get along, and everything will work out.'
'Don't die here, in your apartment, go down to the street.'

The mantra of totalitarians the world over.

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When you are ready to stop being a slave, plant a garden, eh?


That's a nice talk. That's is how the whole world has been no one want to submit to anyone

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